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YOLO. 'You only live once, so you should just go for it.'

The next generation of sports overachievers shared some wisdom that belied their young ages at the closing panel of the 2014 espnW Women + Sports Summit on Friday. Julie Foudy spoke to four young athletes who are already turning heads in the sports world: Mo'ne Davis, the Little League pitcher with a 70 mph fastball; Chloe Kim, the youngest snowboarder -- at age 13 -- to ever win an X Games medal; Winter Vinecki, a multi-sport athlete who completed a marathon on every continent at age 14; and Sasha DiGiulian, a world-champion rock climber. Here's what they had to say.
1. Be adventurous. Vinecki had made her mark in running, but when veteran Olympian Emily Cook suggested she try aerial skiing, Vinecki jumped at the chance -- and now she's an aspiring Olympian in a completely new sport. She's up for any challenge, including completing a marathon in Antarctica, even as she ran by penguins and barking seals. "Never let age, gender or race be a barrier ... because anything you set your mind to you can accomplish," she said.

3. Stick with your own normal. 
Davis has played baseball, basketball and soccer with both boys and girls for as long as she can remember, so when the firestorm of media attention hit around the Little League World Series, she and her teammates simply continued to play as they always had before. "Before this summer, it didn't really matter to anyone that I was a girl playing with the boys," she said. Now, she sees players on other teams Instagramming photos of her -- and she's been doing nonstop appearances since the LLWS -- but on her own team, she's still just Mo'ne, playing the best baseball she can.
2. Pursue what you love. "You'll excel the most when you're the most passionate and having the most fun," said DiGiulian, who dropped all other sports for rock climbing at age 9. She still does cross-training in other disciplines, but she feels that specializing in climbing at such a young age was what helped her, literally, get to the top.
4. Keep it all in perspective. Kim is known for giggling throughout even the biggest of snowboarding contests. The secret to her happiness is simple: She absolutely loves the sport. "I'm always so thankful when I'm on snow, and I don't see a reason not to smile," she said. And when it's go-time, she takes the pressure off herself with the often-quoted teen-phrase YOLO. "I tell myself, 'You only live once, so you should just go for it.' It works out for me."

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